Install GCP console

Create GCP project

Enable Cloud functions and Cloud Deployment Manager V2 APIs

Install Serverless:

npm install -g serverless

Create project skeleton:

serverless create --template google-python --path cat4you

Update project name in the serverless.yml to match GCP project.

Install Cloud Functions connector:

npm install --save serverless-google-cloudfunctions

Go to the Google Cloud Console.

Choose the project that you are working on from the top drop down.

Click IAM & admin menu on left-sidebar.

Then click Service accounts on left-sidebar.

Click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button on the top.

Input Service account name and Service account ID will be generated automatically for you. Change it if you wish to.

Click Create button

Add Deployment Manager Editor, Storage Admin, Logging Admin, Cloud Functions Developer roles and click Continue

Click +CREATE KEY button and select JSON key type and click Create button

Save the file somewhere and put the path to the file into the credentials: field of serverless.yml

Deploy applications

serverless deploy