Technerium Gantt Chart macro allows editors to embed Gantt charts into Confluence pages.

To add a macro, navigate to Macro Browser - Other Macros - Reporting section and choose 'Technerium Gantt Chart Macro"

Editor form allows to add project tasks one-by-one. Each task has the following set of the fields:

  • Color
  • Title - task name to display
  • Start and End dates
  • Duration - it is calculated based on start and end dates
  • Task type. Supported are Project, Task and Milestone types. Those differ in design of the marker on the chart
  • Contact - a short piece of text identifing contact person
  • Link from another task. Supported link types are 'Finish to start', 'Finish to Finish', 'Start to Start'

Free version of the macro provides functional chart with the only limitation of up to 10 tasks per chart.

Technerium Gantt Chart Macro in Atlassian Marketplace:

End User License Agreement: