Technerium Gantt Chart macro allows editors to embed Gantt charts into Confluence pages.

To add a macro, navigate to Macro Browser - Other Macros - Reporting section and choose 'Technerium Gantt Chart Macro"

Editor form allows to add project tasks one-by-one. Each task has the following set of the fields:

  • Color
  • Title - task name to display
  • Start and End dates
  • Duration - it is calculated based on start and end dates
  • Task type. Supported are Project, Task and Milestone types. Those differ in design of the marker on the chart
  • Contact - a short piece of text identifing contact person
  • Link from another task. Supported link types are 'Finish to start', 'Finish to Finish', 'Start to Start'

Technerium Gantt Chart Macro in Atlassian Marketplace:

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